Installing Clipex Fencing


Stain up the fencing wire. Be careful not to accidentally clip the wire in.


Push the wire into the slot, putting pressure on the keeper.


Push the wire down, the keeper will automatically close, securing the wire.


To remove the wire, make sure it isn’t pushing up on the keeper, rotate it back and un-clip the wire.

Advantages of Clipex


If you had some more time, is there anything you’d like to do with it? Time is the most valuable resource we have, and Clipex Posts are guaranteed to give you more of it. Attaching wire to a Clipex post is more than 11 times faster than tying wire off by hand.


Clipex Posts use a new, stronger strength to weight design. They are made with min. 450 grade steel, whilst keeping great elongation properties. Our 9 slot posts also feature a new backing plate at ground level and our 5 slots are designed with no holes or slots near ground level, to give our posts strength where it matters most.


Stainless steel pins and a Dacromet® clip make Clipex stronger than a standard tie wire attachment. The pins are riveted in with a 10T press, so there’s no fiddly parts to come apart or get lost. The clip sits well inside the perimeter of the post, so there’s no chance of them being damaged when using a post driver.
Each post now has an automated weld at the top to guarantee that the post won’t split when being driven with pneumatic drivers in rocky ground.


Clipex Posts require less time spent bending down near the ground and less strain on your hands than twitching tie wire.


In a normal panel fence there’s a lot of costs attached to purchasing a post. Tie wires, extra support line wires and support wire clips. Clipex eliminates these extra costs. Our Tuff Knot wire utilises high tensile vertical wires, and clips directly into our post across multiple line wires.


All fences need maintenance, but Clipex helps reduce it. Our Tuff Knot wire clips in multiple times to each post, avoiding bows in the wire panel. The Clipex system retains the wire but doesn’t restrict it, allowing the wire to take the strain. When it’s time to restrain, just un-clip and re-strain. You can easily replace Clipex Posts just as easy as when you installed them.


There are a lot of new ideas around. But new ideas often make things more complicated. Clipex doesn’t. It’s simple. Even children understand it. Push the wire in and it’s attached. No half attached ties or poor workmanship.


What goes up, must come down. Eventually, your fences will need to be replaced or pulled down. Hopefully that’s a long time away, but when the time comes all wires can be easily salvaged. Just un-clip and roll up the wire leaving exposed posts standing which can be easily pulled up.